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Violent Basket
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Liam's Diary of Fun

Random Quotage

Our first gig out of YO!vil and we supporting the might Lewinski in Bridgewater. We arrived at the venue (The Rock Café) during the afternoon and loaded our stuff in. We are playing in the skittle alley at the back of the venue, its kinda thin and narrow and theres no stage but there was however some cool ultra-violet lighting going on. There was a bit of sitting about for a while and then soundcheck, then I thought Ah soundcheck over, ill go and have a drink and wait for some people to show up and then well go on but I was however, wrong, I went to put my guitar down and then it appeared to be that we were on. We played pretty good, and ive noticed the mistakes seem to get less and less with every gig, which is good. We even had a small mosh pit which was made up of our friends from Yeovil (Thank you to all the Yeovil people that showed up, we know own you.not really but thanks for coming). The applause we got after each song sounded like the kind of clapping you hear at cricket matches but the gig was pretty good I suppose. After the gig there was cheap beer consumed and I went and sampled the delights of the chip shop over the road, I also played Eddie at Street Fighter, he beat me most times but thats cos he kept doing the same move over and over (CHEAT!) Well done to Walking with the king (Thanks for the CD!), VeXt and Lewinski (Cheers to Jerry for getting us the gig) cos they were all wicked, thanks to Jon (Promoter) for putting the gig on and thanks to the people that showed up. C u later alligator, liAm x x x x x x x x