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Violent Basket
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Our first time rehearsal for almost 3 weeks! I had almost forgotten what a guitar was by now! The rehearsal was booked for 11 AM on a Sunday morning and well, we're all human (Well there has been some doubt surrounding Ben on that) so I was a little bit late and Ben was, in his usual fashion, over an hour late. To keep ourselves familiar with some of the "older" songs we ran through "Your mum's a slag" a few times and it was pretty good. And then we started to work on a couple of newer songs that Ben has just written. They sound very very good in my opinion because one of them sounds like early Foo Fighters and the other has a good bass/drum solo bit thingy. Cool. We stopped for a break and when out of the Ice House for a while. Tom ended up getting covered in mayonnaise. It's a long story. There was a pigeon. Let's leave it at that. But it made the whole band laugh so.what the hey?
By the way we have a gig in the Kings Arms on the 3rd May supporting Yeovil's premier metal lords Incoherent. So come down and watch us. Or.we know where you live.
Anyhoo back into the studio for a while to work on the new songs. Went ok. We'll have them nailed soon,I promise ;-) Chow for now LiAm