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Violent Basket
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Hiya scott30/03/02
Another stint in the Ice House today, it'll be a bit different because we'll be in the Ice House for a 6-hour practice session (There will be tears trust me)
Our session was from 12 till 6 and for once we arrived on time (Hooray!) Our first couple of hours were spent running through "Your mum's a bitch" and "Emily's summer" (Yes that is the title of the song now and it's not changing because I like it) and getting them to sound just so. We now have both of the songs down perfectly and I am quite chuffed because I think they are both ace, and if you don't like them you can lick Ben's big iron phallus :-)
When we had a break we found a shop round the corner from the Ice House called "Weird and Wonderful" it mainly sells women's kinky underwear and wigs for Transvestites. We had a look round (Ben obviously felt like he was in his natural home) and I bought a pink sticker that says  "TGIF - Thank God I'm Female". It now is stuck proudly on my guitar.
By the way, soon there may be a gig in Wincanton soon so please come and hurl abuse at us for being ugly and untalented.
Worst bit of the day - breaking 5 strings through shear aggression. Best Bit of the day - Joe smashing the shit out of his drums after a triumphant run through of "Your mum's a bitch"
Anyway bye for now. Liam :-)
Violent Basket Rehearsal # 4
We're finally in a proper rehearsal room!!!!Oh the joy!! Today we are rehearsing in Ice House Studios. A really cool rehearsal and Recording studio in Yeovil, where we can rock out loudly at a reasonable price.
The original plan was to meet @ Joe's for 1 o clock but the obvious happened (Ben didn't turn up) and he said he would meet us up @ the studio for 3 (When the rehearsal started) but then he got a better offer (ie - sex) and he didn't turn up till 5 o clock. This was a bit of a bitch not having Ben there as he sings and plays guitar,but we carried on anyway as a 3 piece.
We got to the Ice House and set up. Then tried to run through a couple of old songs but to be honest they sounded terrible. We tried a version of "Liam's OI" and Tom admitted that he hated the song. Bugger. We then tried a version of "Michelle's mum's a bitch" and it was terrible as I have the wrong amp to play it and Ben wasn't there to sing. Bugger. Then we made the mistake of giving Tom a microphone. Bugger. Things then got really stupid with Joe and Tom doing some really stupid Death Metal stylee songs about 9 Springs (!). To be honest I wouldn't have minded if it was good quality Death Metal, but it wasn't so..Bugger! God knows what the blokes in Ice House were thinking  (Actually I do - "God their shit")
But then things went back to "normal" and Joe showed me a little riff on the guitar and we now have a song called "****** Summer" (If u can think of a word that can go in there please send us an e mail and tell us) And it is my favourite song that we have so I'm pleased. And it reminds me of The Undertones.Which is cool.
AND THEN..Ben showed up! He got some vocals down and now I'm happy!Hooray!Back in there on Saturday.I'll keep you posted!Bye for now Liam :-)
Feeling slightly ill and generally terrible from the night before we all went back for more practice. Our organizational skills were even more terrible today than yesterdays with Ben showing up late and Joe not hearing the doorbell for over an hour (Me and Tom tried such things are throwing stones at his window and shouting "Ooh Joe" but all to no avail.) Joe eventually let us in and then left the house (?) to get the photos developed (Some were good, some were awful. Look on the pictures section to see)
We finally set up the gear and Tom had to leave because he had an appointment with a prostitute (Not really, football practice) so we were left with no bass player so Ben took over on bass duties leaving us with only one guitar player (me)
Then something amazing happened-WE MADE A NEW SONG! It was all started by me playing something or other on the guitar and the rest of the band joining in. Its OI punk with elements of ska and swing (Pretentious I know, but I don't really care what you think because I'm in a band and your not) and the song has now been christened "Liam's OI!" which makes me feel proud and excellent because I made the cool ska riff for it-WA HEY! The only bad thing was me breaking a string on Ben's guitar during the recording of it. Which sucked. Can I just say that Joe was playing some excellent drums on "Liam's OI!" which really impressed me. Well done Joe! Bye for now.

2nd rehearsal -WOO HOO! Things are moving quickly! Our rehearsal was meant to start @ 11 o clock @ Joe's house but because of Ben's general fuck wittery things didn't start moving till about 12. We then decided to get some essentials together for the strenuous day ahead (Like..some alcohol!) We took some pictures in town of us generally looking gay and occasionally looking sensible and moved back to Joes for our rehearsal. Can I just say at this point I was the bands "Whipping Boy" being the butt of all the jokes and getting the piss ripped out of me!
The rehearsal started off not too bad, we took some more pics and we then got down to actually playing with lots of people messing up and coming in at the wrong time (Like Joe playing one song so fast he was speeding about 100000000 miles ahead of me and my chubby little fingers couldn't keep up with him)
It started to go down hill when some people who weren't in the band showed up and wanted to watch us play. We started to play and let me tell you.we sucked! We sucked like an over excited Thai Lady Boy and that is some mean feat (Just ask Ben) All the band started to feel annoyed now because there was too many people in there and not enough space, gluttons for punishment we then tried to record a song but it sounded terrible and the people who were watching us probably we think the band are crap. We're not honestly.
The people then left and things started to pick up and we finally got the song down good. We then listened to some songs. Jimmy Eat World and Guttermouth I think. I can't remember. And we ended the practice and went out for the night. If you want any details of what happened that night.I'm not going to tell you.