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Instrument: guitar

Gear: legend telecaster,marshall valvestate v100h head, and marshall cabinet

Age: 17

Current job: beast

Favourite bands/influences: five knuckle, alkaline trio, douglas, green day, nofx

Most hated bands: korn ....oh deary deary me

Best gig I've ever been to: nofx ... or the atari's....reel big fish were ace too
Claim to Fame: i invented the wheel

Do I support the Local scene: i try to

Favourite Local band: the salvation army that play in town sometimes arent half bad

Favourite form of Pornography: anything i find by the rail way tracks is just fine

Thoughts on Debbie McGee: She never calls....but I still watch her

Advice to the fans: hahahahahahahaha ..who ?

Thankyou's: Joe (For building this damn fine site and generally being a good bloke) Tom (Well done...on what..Im not sure..but well done) Ben (The less said,the better)