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Instrument: Drums

Gear: Tama Swingstar, Pearl Cymbals, Evans Skins and Vater 5A sticks.  I'm selling my old CB kit if anyone's interested??

Age: 18

Current job: doh! I quit, Burger King sucks Cock!

Favourite bands/influences: Bouncing Souls, Clash, Brad Wilk (RATM drummer) Monkey boy, Stiff Little fingers, Dropkick Murphys.

Most hated bands: Most Nu-Metal(how cliche of me) and for some reason I really can't stand Nickleback can't think why tho.

Best gig I've ever been to: Reel Big Fish in the electric ballroom in Camden.

Claim to Fame: I was the first man on the moon.

Do I support the Local scene: Yes, if there's a gig I'm almost always there.

Favourite Local band: Ruthless Connviction, Lewinski and Exit Wound.

Favourite form of Pornography: Celebrity fakes (Debbie McGee of course!)

Thoughts on Debbie McGee: See above and work it out. : )

Advice to the fans: Please don't hurt us.

Thankyou's: Tom, Liam and Ben are three of the coolest people I know, thanks for not noticing all my mistakes at our first practice.  Anyone who will support us and not slag us off, Lawrence for being funny as hell and perverse, Dave for pouring a pint over my head.  I certainly do not thank Paul Daniels for being a bastard and hating me.