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Instrument: Guitar and Vocals

Age: 21

Current job: Mole Valley Farmers. I am Chuck McGuiver: "Truck Driver".

Favourite bands/influences: AFI, Sick Of It All, Operation Ivy, F-Minus, Rancid, The Distillers, Alkaline Trio, Offspring, Green Day, Lightyear,  Spillmouth, Exit Wound, Finch, Dashboard Confessional, Boxcar Racer, Slipknot.

Most hated bands: Anyone who's more bothered about reputation and image then the quality of their music.

Best gig I've ever been to: Reading 2002. (The Concrete Jungle stage was the shit!)

Claim to Fame: Er... I'm in Violent Basket.  

Do I support the Local scene: No, I'm trying to make it better.

Favourite Local bands: Violent Basket, Bleed The Scene, Incoherent, Spillmouth, Sharia Law, Bok Choi, The Fluf, Make Her Cry, Aura Sun.

Favourite form of Pornography:

Thoughts on Debbie McGee: Unlike wine, she does not get better with age. More like milk actually, it's ace when it's in fresh, but it's fucking disgusting after it's passed it's sell by date!

Advice to the fans: Er, stick with us, and I promise I'll write something worth listening to!

Thankyou's: Joe, Tom and Liam for being in VB, Human Fly for putting us on with some ace bands, Screener from the Fluf for not beating me up when I pissed on you, Andy, Zoe and Lee from Incoherent, Skull, everyone who comes to our shows, buys our cd's, demands shitty songs that we've dropped, and buys me beer. Also a big thanks to all the people who've inspired me to write about you.