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Humanfly Showcase Gig 02/07/02

Violent Basket Yeovils premiere punk band just beginners at this band lark played only their second gig on this rainy night at Alice Springs. Mix Bens snarling vocals with the ludicrously fast tub-thumping from Joe, combined Toms sublime Bass lines, add in Liams guitar allure and there you have it a recipe for a Punk Treat.

Bearing in mind this is only their second gig they proved to the crowd that they have the solid foundations to progress and become a best-loved band of YO! It will be most interesting to see how they blossom in the coming months once they have a few gigs under their proverbial belt. With such songs as Eye of the Phallus and Fight, Oi, Fuck, Drink the most memorable songs of the set they lay down the punk law and set the mood for the rest of the night. The best song of their set without a doubt had to Serial Killer which can be found on their future release Keep Britain Punk a free tape that will be spread around the town very soon. The song is a combination of punk with dark hardcore moments, which show the Basket lads at their finest. The crowd were strutting their stuff and at times the mosh got lairy.

Overall, a very impressive second gig by the four-piece punk and I look forward to seeing them more in the next few months.


Other bands that played the Humanfly Showcase gig were; Story of Nothing, The Big Wieners and Make Her Cry.


Lucy Wilkinson



Violent Basket=Punk as Fuck, Played with these Guys at the Kings!But i am too drunk to remember their songsBut punk is now taking over, and u will see more of these guys!

Josh of Ruthless Conviction and SSP 2002 founder