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9th Flicks ~ Leftover Crack, The Mingers and Violent Basket.
15th  Stoke ~ Violent Basket and Dislocated Youth
17th - Croydon CArtoon  ~ Violent Basket, Dislocated Youth and Half Arsed
18th - Yeovil ~ Violent Basket, Andy Fiction, Dislocated Youth
19th - Bournmouth  ~ Dislocated Youth, Violent BAsket and Andy Fiction
20th - Torquay ~ Violent Basket, Andy Fiction
21st - Jamfest ~ Howards Alias, Bay 6, Violent basket and many many more!!
9th Kings Arms Yeovil ~ The Fluff and Violent Basket, Price FREE *Cancelled*
30th House Party ~ Violent Basket, Price INVITE ONLY
3rd Alice Srpings Yeovil ~ Adequate7, Mr Miagi and Violent Basket, Price TBA
20th Sherbourne ~ Ruthless Conviction and Violent Basket, CANCELLED
28th Long Sutton ~ Walking With The King, Nicer Shirts and Violent Basket, Price CANCELLED
29th Dorchester Scout Hut ~ Exit Wound, Aura Sun, Breaking Days, Meltdown, Prospect, SecondSmile, I am 2,Violent Basket and Indenial, Price £3
7th Kings Arms ~ Sharia Law, Bok Choi, Incoherent and Violent Basket, FREE
2nd Alice Springs ~ The FluF, Violent Basket and Drum n Bass DJ, £3-£4, 7:30pm
11th Kings Arms ~ The FluF, Sharia Law and Violent Basket
29th Alice Springs ~ Lewinski, Hooray for Me and Violent Basket, £3 with NUS £4 without, 8:00pm
16th Rock Gardens, Bridgewater ~ Greebo, Shooter, The Misnomers, Violent Basket, Andy Fiction and others, £3, 8:00pm
23rd Kings Arms ~ Sharia Law, Bok Choi and Violent Basket, FREE over 18's only CANCELLED
20th Labour Club ~ Exit Wound, Violent Basket, Karkofony and others, CANCELLED
20th Bridport Rugby Club ~ The Superfriends, Violent Basket, Andy Fiction and others £?, 7:30pm
25th The Cartoon, Croydon ~ Before I Die, Violent Basket and others, £TBA
27th Yeovil Labour Club ~ Leftover Crack, The Filaments and Violent Basket, £5 tickets, £7 on the door, 8:00pm
16th YEOVIL SKI LODGE ~ Violent Basket, Spillmouth and more to be confirmed, £3-£4, 6:30pm CANCELLED
25th Dorchester Corn Exchange ~ Violent Basket and others, £?, 7:30pm
1st Yeovil Labour Club ~ Shooter, The Fluf, Violent Basket, Andy Fiction, The V's and Spillmouth, 7pm £4
16th-17th Jamfest Farnham ~ Violent Basket, Get Knifed, 3 Piece, Andy Fiction and a ton of others (15-20 maybe), £3 donation
22nd Yeovil Labour Club ~ Revolver, The Fluf and Violent Basket, £3-£4, 8:00pm
28th Greg Fest03 Limpsfield ~ Before I Die, Violent Basket and others, £FREE, 7:30pm
5th Kings Arms ~ Sharia LAw, Violent Basket and Andy Fiction, 7pm £FREE 
6th The Kings Arms ~ Far Cue and Violent Basket, UNCONFIRMED
12th Dorchester Scout Hut ~ Others plus Violent Basket, Andy Fiction and Last Stop Before, 7pm £3ish DATE CHANGED
26th Chard ~ Andy Fiction, Violent Basket, Ozmosis, Last Stop Before and others, 7pm £?
17th HOOLIFEST Yeovil Labour Club ~ Exit Wound, Da Capo, 10$ Head, Sharia LAw and Violent far, 7pm £4
24th October Yeovil Labour Club ~ Sharia Law, Violent Basket, Lie 2 Survive and more bands to be announced, 7pm £4
We definitly did something.........I've forgotten what it was......damn.
2nd Alice Springs ~ No Comply, The Antimaniax and Violent Basket, £4 7pm
17th ANTICHRISTMAS PARTY ~ The Fluf, Violent Basket, Last Stop Before and Spillmouth, invite only
9th Flicks Bar ~ The Freaks Union, Skankt, Violent Basket and Recco Royal, £4 tickets on sale soon in Limitless and Acorn, £5 on the door
29th Westlands Sports and Social ~ Bad Manners, The Fluf and Violent Basket, ticktes £12 in Acorn probably, £15 on the door! GET YOUR TICKETS
I can't remember the date but we played with Aconite Thrill in Alice Springs, I'm sure everyone hated us, awesome.
8th Flicks Bar ~ Squirtgun, Route 215, Violent Basket and Encyclopedia £5
I can't remember if we played at all here.
7th Labour Club ~ Five Knuckle, The LeftBehinds and Violent Basket.
20th Voltz NightClub, Blandford ~ Battle of the Bands. CANCELLED
1st Flicks ~ Shotgun Democracy, Sharia Law, Violent Basket and more.